vim-autopep8 is a Vim plugin that applies autopep8 to your current file. autopep8 automatically formats Python code to conform to the PEP 8 style guide.



Simply put the contents of this repository in your ~/.vim/bundle directory.

But on some platforms the following extra steps might be necessary to enable the plugin to be loaded in vim:

  • ensure you have the ~/.vim/plugin directory
  • either copy or symlink the file ftplugin/python_autopep8.vim into the ~/.vim/plugin directory


call function


with arguments

:Autopep8 --range 1 5


:call Autopep8(" --range 1 5")

range selection



This plugin remove default <F8> key mapping since v1.1.0. It is the user’s business to decide which key to be mapped to.


For example, to map it to <F8>:

autocmd FileType python noremap <buffer> <F8> :call Autopep8()<CR>

Do not fix these errors/warnings (default: E226,E24,W6)

let g:autopep8_ignore="E501,W293"

Fix only these errors/warnings (e.g. E4,W)

let g:autopep8_select="E501,W293"

Maximum number of additional pep8 passes (default: 100)

let g:autopep8_pep8_passes=100

Set maximum allowed line length (default: 79)

let g:autopep8_max_line_length=79

Enable possibly unsafe changes (E711, E712) (default: non defined)

# add aggressive option (--aggressive)
let g:autopep8_aggressive=1

# add more aggressive options (--aggressive --aggressive)
let g:autopep8_aggressive=2

Number of spaces per indent level (default: 4)

let g:autopep8_indent_size=2

Disable show diff window

let g:autopep8_disable_show_diff=1

Chose diff window type. (default: horizontal)

# default
let g:autopep8_diff_type='horizontal'

let g:autopep8_diff_type='vertical'


If you want to use 「=」 with autopep8. It’s good to set it as follows. But please be careful as “vim-autopep8” setting will not be inherited.

autocmd FileType python set equalprg=autopep8\ -


  • tell-k


  • MIT License